Used Portable Changing Room Building

Our range of used portable cabins can be supplied as used portable changing rooms and new portable clubhouses building that are ideal for both small clubs and large. They provide valuable space for the club to offer changing rooms and common or social areas for players after the match, game or round that they have participated in!

We recommend our range of used anti-vandal cabins when the location may be more vulnerable as they can be provided with heavy locking doors, window guards and connections to services. However, used plastisol steel cabins can provide a more attractive offer to clubs and companies who would like a simpler looking building with the same amenities inside the building.

There are also uses outside the leisure industry for our used portable and mobile changing room buildings. Construction and manufacturing sites often have a use for mobile changing room buildings that allow the site to produce a valuable and safe space when entering and leaving the premises. Cabinlocator are always on hand to answer any questions and will endeavour to satisfy any requirements for used portable changing rooms.

Take a look at our building stock list where you can decide exactly how you want your used portable changing room building or alternatively you can contact us via email or call 01757 282319.