Uses for our portable cabin buildings include...

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Classrooms & Nursery Cabins

When that extra teaching space is needed quickly and cost effectively portable buildings come into their own as a temporary teaching solution or pop up laboratory.

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Biosecurity Control Point

Portable Cabins are a familiar sight within agricultural settings.

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Truckstop Facilities

Portable cabins and modular buildings are a perfect solution to create additional facilities for drivers who require space to sleep, clean and relax.

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Portable Marketing Suites

A Marketing Suite says lots about your business if you’re using your office for sales or marketing it’s essential that you make a great impression.

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Gatehouse Cabin

Small portable buildings can be designed and used for a wide range of applications, one of them is a small office with sliding windows ideal for providing all round visibility.

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Mobile Changing Rooms

Portable site and sports changing rooms and drying rooms can be invaluable for your employees and members to be able to access.

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Timber Clad Portable Cabins

Take a look at our range of Timber Clad Portable Cabins here >>

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Premium Portable Buildings

Take a look at our range of Premium Portable Buildings here >>

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Portable Site Accommodation

The beauty of using Portable Site Accommodation cabins as offices is that you can take the building with you when you change to a new site location.

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Canteen & Mess Room Cabins

Canteen units are ideal for construction and general sites where a space is needed to accommodate employees at breaktime.

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Anti-Vandal Welfare Cabins

Anti vandal units are great offices and stores as are they are safe, secure and easy to clean especially on vulnerable, messy or remote sites.

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Portable Office Cabins

Portable offices are a quick and convenient self – contained space for you to work out of on an open site or usefully inside a larger warehouse.

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Toilets Blocks

When you need welfare on site, portable temporary toilet blocks suit the role. From individual toilets to toilet blocks with a mix of toilets, urinals and wash hand basins.

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