Our Business is Building, Buying, and Selling Modular and Portable Buildings

At Cabinlocator, we actively engage in the manufacture, purchase, and sale of modular and portable buildings. Our primary objective is to provide a mutually beneficial service for both buyers and sellers, creating a marketplace where everyone can secure the best possible deals. We offer valuable assistance from our team of experts guiding you through the options of the portable and modular buildings that we can build or refurbish at our factory in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Whether you require new or used modular buildings, portable buildings, portable cabins, site cabins, office cabins, containers, container stores, mobile classrooms, or any other building solution, we possess an extensive network to build or locate your ideal structure.

New Portable Building Manufacturing. As manufacturers of new portable cabins and buildings, we offer a range of standard sizes, from 6ft up to 40ft. Our cabins feature exteriors crafted from high-quality materials typically externally clad in either plastisol steel or anti-vandal sheet steel. We provide flexibility in design options, including glazed units or timber cladding, allowing you to consider budgetary and cosmetic factors. Additionally, we can assist with open-plan buildings or those equipped with kitchens and toilets.

Tailored Solutions for Your Building Needs. When the need arises for a new building, Cabinlocator guarantees to meet your requirements with a wide range of portable cabins and modular buildings. Whether you need temporary changing rooms or portable accommodation, our vast experience as a leading specialist in Portable Cabins & Modular Buildings ensures that we understand precisely what makes a structure suitable for your project.

Assisting Diverse Market Sectors. Regardless of your industry, be it the health sector, education, or the construction industry, Cabinlocator.co.uk is here to support you. We cater to various market sectors, weather your covering, doctors, dentists, teachers or toddlers, we offer profound industry knowledge. With us, you can rest assured that you will receive the best advice concerning all modular and portable buildings.

Buying Direct from the Manufacturer. When considering the purchase of portable buildings, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks and issues associated with buying from online resellers instead of directly from the factory. Our industry is made up of online websites and they may not offer the same level of customer support or after-sales service as the factory itself like Cabinlocator can. This can result in limited assistance in terms of installation, repairs, or addressing any warranty issues. Moreover, there may be challenges in customising the building to meet specific requirements or obtaining accurate and transparent pricing information due to the involvement of intermediaries. To mitigate these risks, consider direct communication with us the manufacturers, to ensure transparency, quality assurance, and reliable support throughout the buying process. You can ask the others if you are building direct from the factory, chances are you aren’t.

Extensive Expertise and Passion. Over the years, we have carved our niche in the Portable Cabin & Modular Building market by designing and constructing various structures. We aim for quality first, and that why we only manufacture with the best materials and components. Our portfolio encompasses projects ranging from Portable Nurseries to Toilet Blocks and Anti-Vandal Cabins. Our deep knowledge and expertise, combined with a genuine passion for Portable Cabins & Modular Buildings, have propelled us to where we stand today.

Modular and Portable Building Installation Services. In addition to our buying and selling services, we boast a fully trained and experienced team dedicated to site services. From installations and foundations to repairs and transportation, we cover all aspects related to modular and portable buildings. Whether you require a full site visit, guidance on foundations or the creation of a transport movement plan, we have the expertise to ensure your project’s success.

Selling and Buying Used Portable Buildings. If you have a portable building or modular building to sell, or if you are seeking the perfect temporary office block, Cabinlocator is your trusted partner. We facilitate smooth transactions and guide you through the process. We can either source a buyer for your modular building using our abundance of industry contacts, or purchase your building outright. Give us a try.

By choosing Cabinlocator, you are selecting a reliable partner committed to delivering top-quality portable and modular buildings tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to embark on your portable building journey till it’s completion.