Interior Design Ideas For Modular Office Buildings In The UK

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Modular office cabins are an increasingly popular choice for businesses in the UK. They can be installed within a matter of days, and can be expanded or relocated as required. This suits the nature of modern businesses very well, as changing office uses such as hybrid and remote working call for greater flexibility and freedom of location.

Modular buildings are a cost effective and sustainable alternative to traditional structures, and this means that they are ideal for businesses who have fluctuating demand, and may need to go through cycles of expanding and downsizing as part of their modus operandi.

However, there remains a stubborn prejudice that modular cabins are utilitarian buildings that are designed to be merely functional, rather than welcoming and thoughtfully designed places to work. This is an outdated stereotype, as modern prefabricated buildings are manufactured to the highest standards and can easily be adapted to suit your needs.

Here are some interior design suggestions for portable office structures that will provide an inspiring work environment and enhance productivity and efficiency.

Flexible open plan layouts

The beauty of a modular building is that it is a blank slate to work with, and this is particularly advantageous when it comes to designing the layout. The pandemic caused many businesses to rethink their office layouts, both to reduce the spread of viruses and to accommodate changing use as more people worked from home.

Permanent structures can be challenging and time consuming to alter, but modular buildings can be easily configured with flexible layouts. They can be open-plan or divided with moveable partitions as required. This gives you the option of creating shared areas that are ideal for nurturing collaboration and effective communication between teams.

If more segregated spaces are required, flexible partitions can be used to create meeting zones, break out zones, or areas for video or teleconferencing. Larger cabins can also be configured with completely separate rooms if required.

Modular furniture

The rise of innovative office furniture design over the past few years is ideally suited to modular furniture that can be adapted to a range of uses. For example, acoustic pods with a built-in workstation can accommodate individuals who want a quiet place to work for tasks that require deep concentration, or to make phone calls and video calls.

Modular desks and seating units that are lightweight and designed to adapt to different arrangements are now a popular choice for offices, because they can be easily moved around to form larger meeting or collaborative spaces, or set up for individual use.

This reflects a growing trend away from fixed desks that were once necessary for tethered workstations. However, as wireless technology advances, workers often have access to laptops and WiFi, and appreciate the freedom to choose where they work from.

Colour schemes

Colour psychology is a growing field of research, but it’s long been known that different colour palettes can impact mood and productivity. For example, vibrant colours such as cobalt blue and orange are thought to be energising and can inspire creativity, whereas cooler pale hues such as light blues and greens are calming and good for deep thought.

Therefore, you could consider aligning the colour scheme with the type of work that is carried out in your office. You may choose to use colour to help create zones with an open-plan layout, such as brighter colours for a creative or breakout area, and more subdued hues for places where calm and concentration is a priority.


Natural light is essential for our health and mental wellbeing, helping to regulate mood and sleep patterns. Therefore, opt for large double-glazed windows and consider glazed doors and skylights, if the budget allows. This can help to boost productivity and will also reduce your energy consumption.

Some artificial lighting will be required, so opt for LED lighting that can adapt to the level of natural light, and avoid light sources that will cause glare on computer screens.

Corporate identity

If you will be regularly welcoming visitors to your office, then it is likely that you will want the design scheme to reflect your corporate identity. This can be done through colour schemes, logos, and wall art.

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