How Modular Buildings Are Helping Ukraine To Recover

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The ongoing hostilities in Ukraine have led to the damage and destruction of thousands of buildings, including homes, hospitals, offices, shops, and schools. As part of the rebuilding and recovery process, modular buildings are being used to help recreate devastated communities.

Modular construction has many advantages in situations where there is an urgent need for new buildings, as has been demonstrated here in the UK health service. Modular buildings have been extensively used in the NHS estate to create hospital wards, ambulance hubs, and community drop in centres.

The majority of the build and manufacturing process takes place off site, and it is possible to put a new modular building in place in half the time it would take to complete a traditional bricks and mortar project. As the building is being assembled in a factory, the groundworks to prepare drainage and foundations can take place on-site.

In war-torn regions where there is a large proportion of displaced and homeless people who are often without access to basic facilities such as shops and hospitals, the advantages of speedy construction methods are obvious. The UN Refugee Agency has already collaborated with the Ukrainian government to build modular housing in Kyiv and Chernihiv.

Unlike many of the prefabricated buildings that were used during the rebuilding process in Europe in the aftermath of World War Two, modern modular construction makes use of high quality materials. The buildings can have a lifespan of up to 50 years, and they are manufactured to high standards of energy efficiency.

Cost is also a major factor to consider when a country is rebuilding and recovering from war. Modular buildings are typically more cost effective to put in place than traditional bricks and mortar buildings. They are far less subject to the uncontrolled costs of a regular building project, meaning that accurate budgets can be allocated at the start of a project.

The materials are cheaper and quicker to source, so the construction process is not held up by supply chain shortages or delays caused by the weather. This means that the work is finished sooner and there is no risk of material deterioration by exposure to the elements on a protracted building project.


In some areas of Ukraine that have suffered from the worst levels of damage, there are some fundamental urban planning stages to go through before new buildings are put in place. The infrastructure will need to be reconstructed in a way that is fit for the location, geography, industrial base and the needs of the local population.

It is still of course the very early stages of the recovery and redevelopment process, and there will be setbacks and obstacles to overcome. However, the potential of modular construction to help the people of Ukraine recover from devastation and regain some semblance of normality is significant.

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