Used Modular Buildings

A used modular building is a temporary building that has been previously owned. Here at Cabinlocator we have a wide range of Used Modular Buildings for Sale or Hire. All of our used modular buildings listed can usually be designed to your unique requirements and specifications

Modular buildings and construction have now moved to another level where you will find hotels, airports, train stations, schools and even McDonald’s Restaurants are built using Modular Building Systems, with brick cladding systems on the external walls to give a sense of permanency and more traditional feel. Modular buildings can also be clad in timber to help blend in with the surrounding environment.

Sustainability, becoming of greater importance in the fast-paced world of construction, finds a warm embrace in these used modular buildings. By giving these structures a second (or third or forth) life, your company contributes to a greener, more environmentally responsible future. The materials invested in the original construction don’t go to waste, and new resources are conserved in the process.

The financial prudence of choosing a used modular building probably the biggest factor in the decsion. These structures, having served their initial purpose, can be available at a suitable reduced cost of a brand-new equivalent. For businesses seeking cost-effective marketing suite solutions, this is an opportunity to make a smart investment.

Here at Cabinlocator Ltd we have a wide range of Portakabin modular site cabins in stock ready for Sale and Hire. Each Portakabin building is unique and can be used or made to suit a wide range of applications. We have Portakabin Offices, Portakabin Welfare Units, Portakabin Toilet Blocks, Portakabin Site Canteens, Portakabin Drying Rooms, Portakabin Changing rooms and many more options available.

Please take a look below at some of our current used modular buildings or alternatively, if you can’t find the used modular cabin you are seeking CLICK HERE to see our full range of buildings. If you need to discuss your requirements, contact us to find out what might be coming into stock soon or what we can modify to suit your needs.