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Car Sales Showroom – 6m Span

Dims: 20ft x 16ft (6m x 5m) - Item No: EFE/6x5/CS

Price from: £26,610

Our newest range of quality marketing suites are designed with the ability to fit in with your corporate vision with a range of modern panelling and offer versatility and originality in the look of the office when it’s sat proudly on site. We offer a choice of vibrant colours, modern timber cladding, external lighting and coloured deep facias as just some of our standard options.

If you require a bespoke fit-out or any other size of building we can do this too. Speak to a friendly member of the team who will guide you to the best solution for the business’s needs. We pride ourselves on our level of service and helpful advice.

Building Specifications:

Chassis: Coated Steel Framework for protection against corrosion
Wall Material: Composite Panel, 120 mm thick with Polyurethane Insulation
Roof Material: Composite Panel, 120 mm thick with Polyurethane Insulation
Roof Membrane: Super Tough Welded Weatherproof Membrane
Floor Material: Coated Steel Framework, Insulated and finished with 22mm OSB panel
External Door: 1no. Commercial Grade Single Aluminium Door, Double glazed with a tinted finish
External Items: 3no. Commercial Grade Single UPVC Windows, Double glazed with a tinted finish & Gravity Vents
Gutter System: Monopitch Roof, PCV Gutter system

Our range of coloured exterior, plastisol steel, wall finishes give you the ability to customise the building to suit your corporate identity. Also, these panels are very efficient. The composite panelling allows you to keep heat inside in the winter whilst also easily holding cool temperatures in summer.

Optional extras that can be added at a cost:

  • Partition walls, kitchenette, hot water heater, toilet
  • Extra power sockets, lights, heaters, AC units.
  • Sinks, toilets or showers.

Building uses (When using the above extras)

  • Open plan office, multiple office or office-canteen.
  • Kitchenette, canteen or welfare accommodation.
  • Classroom, nursery or temporary laboratory.

Our portable and modular marketing suite buildings are an ideal solution if you are looking for a temporary, mobile or transportable office space at the moment. We manufacture brand new portable marketing suite buildings and can provide UK-wide delivery. We pride ourselves on the advice of our helpful team, who work with your company. Call us today to test our expertise.

If you need any more information or would like to discuss your requirements with our team, call us 01757 282319 or email info@cabinlocator.co.uk

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