Retail: Funky pop-up shops & Glass Fronted Retail Pods

A growing market providing affordable space on the high street or expansion in spare land is a great way to diversify.

Cabinlocator can provide hairdressers, beauty and nail bars, estate agents and an endless list of businesses the opportunity to take advantage of this range of sales suites and modular shopping complexes we have to offer.

The benefits of portable sales offices are vast when you consider their fast turn around times and the fact they can be designed bespoke to your requirements. Our range of modern designs are such to noticed by customers and businesses alike due to eye-catching, practical and affordable qualities.

Container parks have become more and more popular over the past years due to their minimal impact on the planning environment of a city as they are temporary buildings, whilst maximising impact of the opportunity for local business to flourish in a declining high street. These hives of sociality buzz with creativity both in the impact of their traders and their customers!

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