Marine & Harbour: PVC Fabric Buildings & Portable Cabins for Ports & Harbours

Our structures are ideal for you to crack on with that project in a dry and spacious atmosphere. Don’t let rainy days slow you down.

We know that the marine industries are not afraid of working the cold and rain! However, when it comes to creating a comfortable and efficient work area Cabinlocator can provide areas that boost morale and keep product and staff dry.

The range of portable buildings that we supply create additional mobile office space, mobile welfare space and portable gatehouse units that allow security in the workplace. All of these options can be supplied in an antivandal style steel clad building for particularly vulnerable or messy sites.

The range of portable warehouses that we offer are often used as debagging areas out of the rain to limit product spoil to keep customers happy. Alternatively, the shelter can be used as dry storage warehouses that are often rented to companies who don’t have that space on their site or distribute to their customers from the dockside using your transport links.

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