Container Canopies

Our shipping container canopies create usable dry space for your products or workspace. >>

The container canopy shelters that we offer include a varied specification of size, shape and product use, however, we can be certain all products create a useable, industrial standard, dry working environment. ShelterIt is committed to maintaining the ideal balance between affordability and a quality product. We keep the cost of our PVC fabric structures down when compared to the few in our industry who can keep up with the quality of our service and our products.

Container canopies are designed to fix on top of any standard sea shipping container, these can be single or double-stacked units. Our strong 610g/m2 PVC fabric cover creates a barrier between you and the elements; pair this with a back panel and a front panel with a roll-up door or a winch door, we can create a sizable weatherproof space for your site.

Our single tubular arch systems are supplied with a bespoke container clamping & locking system as standard with the product, along with an upgraded tensioning system for improved durability of the PVC fabric. Installation can occur on the inside or outside of your containers due to our versatile design. Our double truss shelters also come with an upgraded tensioning system, but the base plates are specially designed to suit containers or concrete legato blocks meaning they are ideal for all of our customers.

Each of our shelters are different lengths, heights and lend themselves to different uses. All of our structures are constructed into galvanised steel arches, either single tubular or double truss sections. This allows the shelter to remain strong in high wind speeds and survive snow loads typical of British weather in most areas, during most of the year.

Installation Manual (Build-your-own-ShelterIt)

An install manual will be provided with each shelter. This provides instruction on building the steel frame, pulling the PVC over and securing the shelter to the ground; along with dimensions and an inventory that will aid you if the shelter was de/reconstructed.

Lead Installer

Let us send an expert down to lead your team in the safest and fastest way to install our ShelterIt tent. Our engineer will oversee and aid the installation of your new shelter with diligence to complete our installation checklist in the days allocated. Read more >>

Full Installation Service

Our expert team will complete the installation of your new shelter with minimal disruption to your site. A fully managed turnkey service that will save you and your team valuable time and resources in what we can assume is a busy period for your company. Read more >>