1.            Name

Nicky Blaine

2.            Role

Sales Coordinator

3.            What does your role involve at Cabinlocator?

I’m responsible for business development of existing and new customers. When someone makes an enquiry I’m their first point of contact and provide information on supply and logistics. Once orders are placed I look after customers and ensure they are happy.

4.            What is your favourite thing about working at Cabinlocator?

There’s a lovely atmosphere in the office, its a family run business and we’re all insane!

5.            Which type of portable or modular building do you like most and why?

Our office! We designed it!

6.            In a zombie apocalypse, which of your co-workers would be eaten first?

Not Charlotte because she makes us all hot chocolates!

7.            Where is your favourite place in the world?

Out in the Yorkshire countryside on my horse.

8.            What is your guilty pleasure?


9.            Who is your idol?

British Dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin.

10.          What is your favourite quote?

“There’s no such thing as problems, only solutions”