1.            Name

Dan Thompson

2.            Role

CAD Technician

3.            What does your role involve at Cabinlocator?

My role involves a bit of all sorts! I am the tech bod as well as some sales and design! I’d say the main part of my role is designing visual concepts for customers. As well as initial designs I also generate production drawings for internal manufacture and 3D renders and installation drawings for clients and the sales team.

4.            What is your favourite thing about working at Cabinlocator?

The people make the company, a true family business environment.

5.            Which type of portable or modular building do you like most and why?

“My Micro NY” also known as “Carmel Place” is a prototype affordable micro housing development. It’s a sleek and minimalist approach with a high quality aesthetic.

6.            In a zombie apocalypse, which of your co-workers would be eaten first?

Will, he would be to busy tidying the office.

7.            Where is your favourite place in the world?


8.            What is your guilty pleasure?

Food and wasting money on cars.

9.            Who is your idol?

Lewis Hamilton

10.          What is your favourite quote?

“it is what it is”