The Cabinlocator Bespoke Design Service

Here at Cabinlocator we want to provide a service that’s a step above the rest. We can help you, or your project team, with the bespoke design of your new portable or modular building space. This can show itself in many ways, first, we would suggest a meeting either on-site with one of our project coordinators or we welcome you to come into the office and sit down with our design and sales team to establish what your vision really is for the building.

We can then show you similar designs as source material and it’s likely that we will be able to draft up a version of the portable building right in front of you to take away!

As a business, we can offer a range of single-unit portable buildings or multi-unit portable building complexes that are typically arranged into an office/welfare layout using cabin links between the units. This can be a more affordable option when compared to a modular building however you can lose a spend of the open plan feel and creativity using the space that can be achieved with a modular build.

Modular buildings and their construction are an alternative to traditional build techniques. The process involves the manufacturing of modules in a factory environment which are then transported to site, installed and fixed together to form a complete building. This allows us to have a touch more creative freedom as the space inside a modular build can either be very complex to suit your business or they can remain very clean, open and airy spaces ideal for an office environment.

We really do make it as easy as possible to find the solution that will work for you on our website, but we encourage that sometimes it’s better to talk things through. We have an experienced sales team eager to help you at the end of the phone or at the drop of an email. Contact us today on 01757282319 to make an appointment with the team.