Portable Classroom, Labs & Nursery Buildings

When enrollment numbers are growing you may need a quick pop up lab or simply require extra teaching space.

Cabinlocator offers modular and portable classroom buildings and when you buy a teaching space from us, you can buy with confidence that you are getting great value for money. We normally have a wide range of available modular and portable buildings with different layouts, colours, interior design, sizes and use. We really can cater to every need from a small classroom for special needs children to mainstream teaching spaces.

Our range of portable classroom buildings is diverse as Cabinlocator is able to provide a bespoke service when designing and installing any portable laboratory building, portable nursery building or one of our standard portable classroom buildings. A portable or modular building can provide both a large open plan classroom area or a combination of smaller teaching and staff areas including store cupboards and cloakrooms. We design based on your requirements and keep any current legislation regarding a safe working and teaching environment at the forefront of the project.

A modular classroom building can be used to expand the school in the short term while a more permanent plan is made and this can help in the controlled expansion scheme as often these solutions need to have a fast turnaround and affordability, from a small portable cabin to a classroom for 15 we can help you achieve your goal.

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