Portable Toilet Blocks & Urinal Blocks

The need for mobile welfare units is unavoidable on some remote or new sites. We can provide start-up generator units or small toilet blocks.

We can supply both toilet blocks that have a range of cubicles, urinals and sinks along with welfare cabins with single toilets. Mobile toilet blocks are ideal for busy sites that needs supplying with an adequate and legal working environment usually on remote parts of the site or on a startup site when a connection to a tank is made.

Generator units are the startup sites dream as they give you everything needed to start from day one. The generator creates power for charging, lighting, heating and a toilet and canteen so that your team has a base to work from. Large modular welfare buildings are usually supplied with toilet areas that will be compliant for all workers. Often our customers use the upstairs area in a two-storey modular building as an office and the downstairs as a welfare area for all staff.

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