Used Portable Nursery Building

Portable cabins and modular buildings are an ideal alternative if you are looking for a secondhand nursery building. Whether you are looking for something like a smaller cabin to house the after-school club or a larger modular building to provide valuable space for the playgroup and staff to spend their time, we can help.

We understand the importance of offering a range of affordable solutions to our customers. Our used portable nursery buildings are a budget-friendly alternative to constructing brand new buildings. Whilst a new construction offers total flexibility to layout, a second-hand nursery building can really bring down the outlay when starting a new business. Really, we’re looking to help you save whilst still providing a safe and comfortable environment for your young learners.

If your portable nursery building going to be a temporary solution whilst you are building a new traditional brick building we may be able to offer a price to buy, hire or finance depending on how long your business intends to have the building for. We like to give customers flexibility when working with us.

In today’s world, sustainability is a key consideration in construction. By choosing our used portable nursery buildings, you are making a green choice. Repurposing and reusing existing structures reduces the environmental impact associated with new construction. You are contributing to a more sustainable future while providing a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

We understand that every nursery or classroom has unique requirements. That’s why our used portable nursery buildings can come in various sizes to accommodate your class size, staff area, and welfare facilities. Whether you need a cozy space for a small group or a larger area for multiple classes, we can provide the perfect solution. Our used portable nursery buildings can adaptable to your specific needs by changing internal layouts, however as you can imagine the less that is changed the cheaper the building would be.

Please take a look below at some of our current cabins that we have manufactured right here in Yorkshire or alternatively, if you can’t find the used portable cabin you are seeking click here to see our full range of buildings. If you need to discuss your requirements contact us to find out what might be coming into stock soon or what we can modify to suit your needs. Call 01757 282319 or email and the team will be back to you in a flash.