Used Portable Classroom Building

Used portable classroom buildings are available and if a specific building is not advertised on our site we can source a modular classroom for you. Refurbished mobile classroom blocks are a great solution when you are looking for something that is cost effective and practical that you can start using relatively quickly.

The Cabinlocator team have been a leading supplier of quality new and used portable buildings for more than 20 years. We are company that is proud to highlight an extensive range of used portable classroom buildings. If it is your responsibility to research or source temporary classrooms for high schools or primary schools, our used portable classroom buildings offer an ideal solution, whilst out team offer a friendly advice service if you have any questions or queries.

Here at Cabinlocator we understand the importance of delivering a quality solution to the education sector than stays within budget. Our used portable classroom buildings can be an affordable alternative to new construction, allowing you to allocate resources back to where they matter most; education and the internal fitting out of your new teaching space.
For high schools and primary schools, the learning environment is paramount. Our used portable classroom buildings are not just affordable but also finished to a high standard. They offer a put together and conducive atmosphere that can promote effective teaching and learning in open plan spaces.

In an era of increased environmental awareness, choosing used portable classroom buildings can be a smart choice. Repurposing existing structures demonstrates your commitment to sustainability. By opting for our used classroom buildings, you play a part in reducing the ecological footprint associated with new construction while creating a healthy and nurturing space for education.

We understand that each school has unique educational requirements. Our used portable classroom buildings can come in various sizes and layouts, of course any changes are within limits based on the existing unit. If your require a bespoke layout of building internally or externally we can provide a new quotation against also so the options can be evaluated. We always try to help rather than limit with the options we can supply.

Don’t think that because you have opted for a second hand building you won’t be getting a quality teaching space for your students  we think offer great value for money option and you won’t be disappointed when the classroom arrives. We will go through the process with of incorporating all the features the you require e.g. toilets, cloakrooms, store cupboards for teaching resources etc. to individual music teaching rooms, play areas and behaviour support spaces.

Please take a look below at some of our current cabins that we have manufactured right here in Yorkshire or alternatively, if you can’t find the used portable cabin you are seeking click here to see our full range of buildings. If you need to discuss your requirements contact us to find out what might be coming into stock soon or what we can modify to suit your needs. Call 01757 282319 or email and the team will be back to you in a flash.