New Portable Canteen Building

Cabinlocator’s range of new portable and temporary canteen buildings are ideal for our customer who are looking to increase the capacity they have for site welfare facilities. These new canteen buildings will be fitted with a range of worktops, sink, hot water heater and anything else typical of a kitchen or kitchenette dependant on your requirements.

The new portable canteen buildings can be made of a plastisol steel outer shell that is an attractive and affordable option for most of our customers. Alternatively, we can supply a new anti-vandal canteen building that has a corrugated steel exterior. This style of unit can be ideal for sites can often become messy as they can be easily washed with a pressure washer.

You then have the option of a new modular site welfare unit that provides an open plan area for tables and chairs while being able to be partitioned into different areas or rooms; a small w/c or store cupboard for example. These modular buildings are typically more expensive than portable cabins to supply and install but can be useful in larger-scale or bespoke projects.

Take a look at our building stock list where you can decide exactly how you want your new portable canteen building to be laid out or alternatively you can contact us via email or call 01757 282319.