Portable Anti-Vandal Cabins and Buildings

Anti-vandal units are ideal offices, storerooms and site huts as are they are safer and more secure especially on vulnerable, remote or unmanned sites.

Anti-vandal cabins are steel clad portable buildings that are sometimes mistaken for shipping containers. Unlike shipping containers, anti vandal cabins typically have all the mod-cons that are available in regular portable buildings e.g. lighting, heating and power sockets, but they come with additional safety features making them ideal for vulnerable locations.

Each building usually incorporates steel window shutters with anti-jemmy edges and equivalent 10-point-locking to doors and frames so that you have peace of mind over the building’s security. These features make quality welfare accommodation with easy-clean vinyl flooring making the perfect mobile welfare area or common area on construction sites.

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Our portable and modular buildings are an ideal solution if you are looking for a temporary, mobile or transportable office space at the moment. Brand new portable buildings, UK delivery with helpful staff who understand your needs. We are here to help.

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