How Can Engineering Companies Benefit From Portable Cabins?

28ft Portable jackleg cabin

Engineering companies often have large sites that need to serve a range of purposes, including workshops, storage, welfare areas, and warehousing. These requirements can often change suddenly or fluctuate according to supply and demand.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to adapt to this challenge is through the use of portable cabins and PVC fabric structures. Here’s a look at how they can enhance your engineering firm.

Workshops and storage

Dedicated workshop space is crucial for engineering firms, and sometimes permanent structures may not be available, cost effective or large enough to fit the bill. This is where PVC fabric shelters or portable cabins can step in. They can be assembled within a matter of days, eliminating the need to source scarce rental sites or commission lengthy new-builds.

They are sturdy and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, and reinforced steel-clad anti-vandal cabins can be used to protect valuable stock and equipment. The structures are available in a width of up to 15 metres and can be any length you require, so as long as you have sufficient flat firm surface to install it, there’s no limit.

Engineering firms often require temporary storage facilities for stock or equipment as orders and projects may vary throughout the year. This can create a logistical problem and lead to having to maintain a permanent storage facility that stands empty for half the year, wasting resources on rent or maintenance costs.

Cabins or shelters that can be quickly installed and removed when not required are the perfect solution for this dilemma, providing a safe and secure space that can be customised to a range of purposes.

Welfare facilities

Engineering or construction firms may need to install mobile welfare facilities for projects in remote locations, or where the existing facilities are inadequate to meet the needs of the staffing levels.

The Health & Safety Executive states that everyone who works on the site must have access to toilets, washing and changing facilities, and spaces where they eat and take rest breaks. If the work involves handling hazardous materials such as asbestos or is very dusty and dirty, showers should be provided.

These spaces are required by law, and are more than just a courtesy to staff. Consideration must be given to the ratio of facilities to workers; the distance of the facilities from the main site of work; and how the facilities will be kept clean and tidy and supplied with items such as soap, towels, toilet paper, and lockers for storing clothes.

Breakout areas must be supplied with equipment for heating food and making hot drinks, and have tables and chairs with back support where workers can rest and socialise informally with their colleagues.

Portable cabins can easily be adapted to suit all of these purposes, and can be moved around as the project progresses or moves to different sites. They can even be used as temporary accommodation for projects in remote areas where it is impractical to commute to the site each day.

Site offices

Engineering firms working on remote sites can benefit from a temporary office cabin to provide a convenient and comfortable space to carry out administrative duties and project management work. The layout can be configured to accommodate desk, office equipment and conveniences such as canteens and toilets.

The cabins can also serve as meeting rooms or education centres to roll out new training or brief new starters. The structures can be fitted with digital and audio equipment if need be to aid with the learning process, and to show demonstrations of matters such as correct equipment use and so on.

Furthermore, the cabins can serve as gatehouses to larger sites, where staff and security personnel can monitor exactly who arrives at the site, process deliveries, and manage stock control duties.


By making use of PVC fabric structures and cabins, engineering firms can benefit from a flexible and cost effective resource that enhances their day to day operations and protects valuable stock and equipment.

They are a practical choice for a sector where demand can fluctuate with the season or economic conditions, providing near-instant access to extra warehouse or workshop space when needed, and helping to save on rental and maintenance costs.

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