Portable Cabins: The Workhorses Of British Outdoor Events

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Spring has arrived at last, and we are beginning to enjoy a reawakening of the outdoors, with longer days and fresh green shoots appearing in the garden. Shortly, the outdoor event season will be gearing up for the year, with a multitude of festivals, fairs, shows and exhibitions waiting in the wings.

Outdoor events continue to grow in size and popularity each year, and this demands more sophisticated and versatile facilities. One of the most convenient and cost-effective logistical solutions is provided by portable cabins. They are an invaluable resource for outdoor events and can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Here are just some of the ways that they can enhance your outdoor event experience.

Portable marketing suites

At one point, the portable marketing suite was restricted to new development sites to showcase new homes to prospective buyers. They are still ideally suited for this purpose of course, but they are now also deployed in a range of settings including outdoor events.

For businesses who are looking to make an impact at an exhibition or trade show, a professional and welcoming environment to meet customers and showcase their products or services is now a must-have. The cabins offer a customised space that is sheltered from the famously unpredictable British weather, no matter what time of year it is.

The exterior can be fitted with coloured cladding and branded with company logo, and the interior can be fitted out to reflect the business’ corporate identity. The cabin provides a warm, quiet and clean space where visitors can relax in comfortable chairs and pursue the company literature or chat face to face with staff to discuss their requirements.

The marketing suite is fully compatible with digital technology and can be fitted with features such as high-resolution LED screens, interactive touchpoint screens, and immersive features such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Furthermore, the suite can incorporate kitchens and restroom facilities for the convenience of staff or visitors.

Canteens and food stalls

Providing plentiful high-quality catering is a huge challenge for outdoor event organisers. Customers now have high standards and expectations, and providing a few burger vans is no longer good enough. Portable cabins can be used to provide temporary on-site kitchens that can be used to freshly prepare a range of cuisine and to provide dining space.

The units can be equipped with electricity, running water, and fitted with cooking appliances to enable the preparation of first class catering, from world cuisine, street foods, to fresh local produce. When setting up temporary catering units, consider the most effective design and layout of the space, and have a waste management plan in place.

Hygiene facilities

Adequate hygiene facilities are a must-have for any large outdoor event. Portable cabins can be used to provide toilet blocks for the comfort and convenience of visitors. The units are easy to install and keep clean, and can be rapidly set up on any level area of ground. If it is a sporting event, then changing rooms and shower units may also be required.

Ensure that the toilets include a number of stalls that are equipped for disabled people to use, with extra room, higher seats, grab rails, emergency cords and so on. You may also wish to include a number of units that can be used by visitors with a greater degree of disability, and have changing tables, hoists, and enough room for a carer to assist.

Ticket offices and gatehouses

Gatehouses and ticket offices are an essential part of a larger outdoor event to manage the visitor numbers and ensure that they meet with the security requirements and have a legitimate ticket. Portable cabins can be located at convenient access points, providing a base for administrative tasks, security procedures and customer service.

They can also serve as information points to help visitors navigate their way around the site, find out more about the schedule and features of the event, or locate facilities.

Portable cabins are a versatile solution to meet the varied demands of outdoor events in the UK. They are easy to transport between locations and quick to install and set up. Furthermore, they can be customised to suit a wide range of purposes, and are now integral to a successful and well-organised outdoor event that will draw repeated visitors.

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