Why PVC Fabric Shelters Are An Ideal Warehousing Solution

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Warehouse space in the UK is in extremely short supply, as a combination of underinvestment in new facilities and an increase in the rate of online shopping have driven up demand. In the run up to Christmas and the following January sales, this can be an obstacle for retailers and suppliers who want to have a ready supply of extra stock.

Furthermore, according to the estate agents Knight Frank, about 128 million sq ft of warehouse space is at risk of being taken off the market by 2027 because of failure to comply with energy performance standards.

The vast majority of the UK’s warehouse stock was built before the year 2000, meaning that much of it won’t meet the EPC C rating needed by 2025 that will be required of all commercial buildings. Warehouse rental costs are rising significantly in some areas of the country, particularly around London and the southeast.

As businesses compete to meet the ever-quicker delivery times expected by customers, they are stockpiling goods rather than ordering them on an as-required basis. The pandemic and uncertainties caused by Brexit have led to further pressures on warehouse space. This is compounded by rising costs that can hit small businesses particularly hard.

One excellent response to these problems is the deployment of PVC fabric shelters as temporary warehouse space. This can be a more flexible and cost effective solution to renting or buying warehouse estate, particularly for businesses that operate according to seasonal demand.

The freestanding PVC shelters are well up to the job of dealing with the unpredictable weather, as they are galvanised with high tensile steel pins that keep it firmly fixed to the ground. The shelter may also be fixed with concrete fastening bolts or weight plates if it is to be installed on an impenetrable surface.

They are further supported with galvanised steel arches of singular or double tubular sections, keeping it standing strong in high winds and able to withstand the weight of a heavy snowfall. The shelters can be customised to variable widths, lengths and shapes to create an industry standard weatherproof facility.

The PVC shelters can be rapidly deployed to meet fluctuating storage requirements, whether that’s because of seasonal demands such as Christmas and the New Year sales, or an unexpected surge in demand for a certain product. The shelters can be rented on a temporary basis, or sold on or relocated when the space is no longer required.

When compared to the time and expense spent locating and renting warehousing space, or even commissioning a new-built facility, PVC shelters are a very efficient and affordable alternative. They can be assembled in a day or two, compared to timelines of weeks, months or even years when seeking a bricks and mortar solution.

The shelters are also a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional buildings. The manufacturing and construction process uses far fewer materials and less energy, thus greatly reducing the embodied carbon of the structure.

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