How Temporary Portable Buildings Can Boost Christmas Sales

We are on the brink of the festive season, and that means the hospitality and retail sector are getting ready for the most profitable time of the year. Here’s how hiring a temporary portable building can help you to make the most of your space at this time of the year.

Pop-up retail venues

The retail sector traditionally makes the highest sales during the run-up to Christmas, and extra portable spaces can help to maximise profits. They can provide pop-up shops to be installed in shopping arcades or Christmas street markets, serve as farm shops or be installed at seasonal events taking place around the country.

A pop-up presence at Christmas can help to supplement the income from a bricks and mortar store; take the pressure off the busiest stores; and raise awareness of your brand at a time when customers are actively looking to buy rather than to browse.

A temporary cabin can easily be transported to different locations around the country, and it can even be used to test the viability of a permanent location before committing to a more permanent decision.

Extra storage space

The Christmas season often means that the retail and hospitality sector orders in extra stock or has seasonal lines that require storage. Temporary cabins can be installed on any level surface within a matter of days, providing a scalable storage solution that can be extended laterally or vertically for up to three storeys.

For businesses with very valuable stock or equipment to keep secure, there are anti-vandal cabins available to rent or hire. These have reinforced steel walls and security shutters fitted on the doors and windows to provide extra resistance against break-ins and acts of vandalism.

At larger sites, the cabins can double up as access control and security points, so that staff have a base to monitor and screen exactly who is arriving and departing from the site at all times.

Pop-up venues for corporate events

The festive season often involves large-scale corporate events that may require temporary portable cabins for several purposes. For example, they can be used to provide food outlets and cafe and restaurant space, or pop-up bars.

They can also be used as temporary retail outlets to sell corporate merchandise or other products related to the event, providing an ideal marketing opportunity and sheltering customers, goods and staff from the elements.

At larger events, portable cabins can be fitted with toilets and/or showers to provide extra hygiene facilities for staff or attendees. They can also be used to supply temporary  accommodation for seasonal workers at events and in the hospitality industry. The cabins can be linked together to form larger structures if required, or double or triple stacked.

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