Tips For Preventing Theft And Vandalism On Remote Sites

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Rural and remote areas are often thought to be havens of peace and tranquillity, but businesses operating in these locations can often be a target for theft and vandalism. With fewer neighbours and potential witnessesses to crime, remote sites can attract both organised crime groups (OCGs) and opportunistic intruders.

Thieves may target equipment, stored goods and produce, vehicles, and livestock. This can have a devastating financial impact on businesses, leading to increased insurance premiums and the cost of making repairs or replacing stolen goods. Livelihoods can be lost, with a huge emotional impact on victims and their families.

There are various strategies that businesses in remote locations can adopt to help mitigate the risk of becoming a target for crime. Here are some of the most effective approaches to deterring criminals.

Storing valuable equipment or goods in lockable security units

Thieves often target expensive machinery, tools and equipment, and can soon break into a regular outhouse or storage shed. Therefore it is advisable to store the most valuable items in anti-vandal cabins that have steel cladding, reinforced steel doors and shuttered windows. They have high-security locking systems and are available in a range of sizes.

The cabins can have full height and width doors to accommodate large and bulky items. They can be installed within a matter of weeks and transferred to different locations if required. Rural businesses often find that security cabins are a more effective and affordable solution than a traditional bricks and mortar building.

Access control systems

Remote sites should have robust boundaries and access points should be secure. Many rural businesses install access control systems to monitor who can enter the site and restrict access to authorised personnel only when necessary.

Common systems include biometric readers such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition technology, keypad locks, fobs, or card readers. This reduces the chance of intruders gaining unauthorised access and allows site managers to track exactly who is on the premises, and their arrival and leaving times.

CCTV cameras

A network of surveillance cameras that is visible at all the potential access points to the site can act as a deterrent, and also provide valuable information should a security breach occur. The footage may be used by the police to track down stolen goods and bring the criminals to justice.

Good lighting and motion action light sensors can provide a further deterrent and also make it easier for the CCTV cameras to pick up high quality footage at night time.

Training and awareness

Training all employees and contractors to understand the importance of adhering to the relevant security measures helps to minimise the risk and crime and can also deter internal security incidents. Work closely with the local community to build a strong surveillance network and encourage the reporting of any suspicious activity.

It may be worth setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme so that residents and businesses can support each other and work together to prevent and report criminal activity.

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