How Modular Buildings Can Help To Create Flexible Workspaces

The use of premium portable buildings is now helping to create extra operational space in a wide range of businesses and sectors, from healthcare and education to construction and agriculture. As the demands of the workforce becomes increasingly diverse, the flexibility of portable or modular buildings is coming to the fore.

Here is a look at how they are able to meet the needs of the modern business landscape.

Adaptable work spaces

Since the pandemic, the traditional open-plan office with fixed layouts has fallen out of favour. Companies have fundamentally changed their working practices, and now hybrid working and more flexible office arrangements are a major consideration. Portable buildings can be a part of the solution.

For example, they can be used to provide ‘work hubs’ or satellite offices on the outskirts of towns and cities for remote working employees of national and international businesses. This gives workers the option of spending some of their working day away from home, or provides a convenient location for local meetings and training events.

The business can avoid the commitment and expense of buying and maintaining a traditional bricks-and-mortar office building. If the office space is no longer required, it can easily be relocated, sold, or repurposed.

Logistics hubs

Businesses often need logistics hubs to receive, store and ship various goods or equipment. These often need to be flexible spaces with changing demands on capacity, purpose, and even location. Modular buildings are an ideal option, because they are highly scalable.

They can be expanded by placing adjacent buildings side by side, or stacked up to four storeys high, or easily downsized or transferred between sites. The modular buildings are constructed with the latest materials and to the highest standards of energy efficiency.

They are well ventilated and secure, meaning that they can be used to store a wide range of goods from feedstock and produce to digital equipment. For extra peace of mind, it is possible to install anti-vandal features including steel cladding and shuttered doors and windows.

Marketing suites

Portable buildings are the go-to choice for marketing suites to demonstrate the features and benefits of new-build homes. They can provide a location away from the activity, noise and dust of the construction site where staff can greet customers and carry out administrative tasks, and can be quickly transferred to new locations when necessary.

The key advantages of portable office spaces

In a dynamic business environment, the need for portable working spaces has never been higher. They are a cost-effective option that allows resources to be allocated to other areas.

They can be assembled in a matter of weeks, ensuring that there is minimal disruption to normal operations and can easily be upscaled or downsized in response to fluctuating demand or changing needs. They are also an eco-friendly option with a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional brick and mortar buildings.

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