The Benefits Of Portable Cabins In The Agricultural Sector

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Portable buildings in the agricultural sector have many functions and are a cost-effective option. Large farms where storage space is at a premium often make use of mobile buildings. Here are just some of the uses and benefits that these versatile structures can bring to an agricultural setting.

Enhanced biosecurity

Effective biosecurity measures are essential for farms to prevent the spread of diseases among livestock and poultry. In particular, it is important to control farm visitors and monitor access points such as gates, yards, and parking areas. Portable cabins can act as gatehouses to control farm visitors and make sure that all new arrivals are screened.

Mobile buildings can also be utilised to ensure that any stock that is being held in isolation is handled with separate equipment and by separate staff.

Field stations

Portable cabins are often used on farms as mobile field stations or offices. They can be used to store equipment and serve as a base for research or administrative purposes, or for any officials who need to conduct testing on the farm.


Seasonal agricultural workers are often employed on farms, and portable cabins can provide low-cost but good quality accommodation. The buildings can be easily customised into living quarters with bathrooms, kitchenettes, sleeping quarters and communal social spaces.

When no longer required, the buildings can then be relocated to another area of the farm or transferred to another location.

Extra storage

Secure storage space is a premium for large farms, where there may be seasonal crops, equipment and tools, paperwork, feed, chemicals, veterinary supplies and much else to store. Portable cabins provide safe and secure storage solutions that are well ventilated and out of direct sunlight that could damage chemicals or crops.

Canteens or restrooms

Farms with large staff may prefer the convenience of having toilets or canteens located away from the main house, for both privacy and infection control purposes. Mobile buildings can be customised with hygiene facilities including toilets, sinks, and showers, allowing staff a separate space to get changed and maintain any infection control procedures.

Weighbridge offices

There is often a need to weigh and record agricultural produce as it arrives or leaves the premises, both for commercial purposes and to keep track of the level of stock on the farm. A portable cabin can act as a central administrative point where equipment and data can be stored and clerical work can be carried out.

Educational areas

Farms often need to train staff or share knowledge and best practice with visitors or other farmers. Portable buildings can provide learning centres or even be used to host talks and workshops or demonstrations.

Portable cabins are fast to install, minimising disruption and environmental damage. Compared to traditional buildings, they are affordable, flexible, energy efficient and low maintenance. They are available in a range of sizes, finishes and designs, and can be stacked or adjoined for extra room as and when required.

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