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Modular and portable building suppliers have stepped up to support the education sector as it grapples with the crumbling concrete crisis. Just a week before the beginning of a new term, more than 100 schools have had to install temporary classrooms or close completely because of concerns about RAAC (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete).

The Modular and Portable Building Association (MPBA) have released a statement to let school leaders know that they are ready to help them source suppliers of temporary alternative education buildings. This may prevent some schools from having to shut their doors entirely, disrupting students’ education just a few years after the Covid pandemic.

Jackie Maginnis, Chief Executive of the MPBA, said: “Our members are ready to assist UK students and teachers. Both volumetric modular manufacturing companies and those involved in the hiring of portable buildings are ramping up to meet the demand for all sorts of educational units. The MPBA is ready to help, ensuring pupils have a safe and secure place to learn.”

“We know that students have already faced an excess of disruption to their education over the past few years, severely impacting their wellbeing. Schools are under extreme pressure to find temporary facilities as quickly and cost-effectively as possible so learning can continue with minimal disruption.”

“The team here at the MPBA can help those in need by putting them in touch with their nearest modular manufacturer or those who have portable buildings in stock and available for hire. We appreciate the excellent work of UK teachers and school business managers and want to assist in alleviating these additional pressures.”

The work needed to remedy the unsafe concrete in schools is likely to take several months, if not longer. Therefore modular buildings can offer an ideal solution. They are mostly assembled off-site, and can be installed on a suitable surface within weeks, minimising any further delays to normal school operations.

Modular buildings offer all the same functionalities that you would expect from a traditional building at a much lower cost. They use fewer materials and require less labour to produce, and these cost savings are passed on to the consumer.

Portable or modular cabins are constructed to modern standards of energy efficiency, and therefore they are often cheaper to run than permanent structures. They once had a reputation for being draughty and difficult to heat, but advanced materials and production techniques means that this is no longer the case.

Modular units are easily customisable, and can be adapted to a range of purposes beyond classrooms, such as canteens, store rooms, offices, or staff rooms. Many schools and colleges already use modular buildings successfully, and they can even be designed to be used on a permanent basis.

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