Why Housing Demand Is Still High In Greater Manchester

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The decline over the past year in the property market, with reduced demand and falling
prices, might prompt some developers to hold back on new projects until the situation starts
to rebound. But in some parts of the country, there is still a lot of construction activity.

Greater Manchester is one such area, with many projects still planned as the population of
the conurbation, particularly its inner areas, continues to rise. Portable marketing suites will
still be much needed as many new developments continue to emerge.

Among the major investors providing housing in the area is Far East Consortium, which has
been involved in a range of projects and has now formed a partnership with the Greater
Manchester Combined Authority and Trafford Council to redevelop the former Stretford
Police Station site.

The development will bring 700 homes to the vicinity, adding this development to others
across the Manchester Ship Canal in Salford Quays, as well as those that have arisen over
the last 20 years in central Manchester and Salford and others in the pipeline.

A good reason new housing demand will be high is the rate at which Greater Manchester’s
population is growing.

In the 2011 census, the City of Manchester saw the highest population growth of any English
local authority outside of London at over 19 per cent, while in 2021 Salford saw the largest
growth in the north west (15.4 per cent), while Manchester came third in the region at 9.7 per

While city centre living has become increasingly popular and residential buildings have
become taller and taller, not all this expansion has been crammed into the centre. Many new
developments have occurred and are taking place in areas within easy reach of the city
centre. Stretford, with its access via the Metrolink, is one of them.

Among the other schemes Far East Consortium is involved with is a blueprint to transform
the ‘Northern Gateway’ corridor running from central Manchester in a north-easterly
direction, broadly following the River Irk. Individual projects in this grand plan include
Meadowside, New Cross Central and Collyhurst Village.

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