The Benefits of Installing A Portable Gatehouse Building

Anti vandal Gatehouse cabin

A gatehouse is an essential security feature for locations such as large building sites, business premises, festivals, carparks, and more. They provide a safe and convenient focal point for security operations, and are a first point of contact for visitors. Here are some advantages of using a portable building for your gatehouse.

A range of sizes

From a small ticket booth to a base for your on-site security personnel, the size of the gatehouse can be customised to suit your needs. If necessary, they can be fitted with bathrooms, kitchenettes, storage rooms and more. If you need to extend your gatehouse in the future, this is very easy to do with adjoining buildings or even upper storeys.


As well as adaptability, portable gatehouses can easily be transported between different locations. This makes them ideal for construction sites, or other situations where the need is temporary, such as music festivals. They can also be moved to different areas of the same site within a very short time frame.


Portable gatehouses can be manufactured with a range of cladding options and colours.  They can be designed to blend in tastefully with the existing environment so that they are unobtrusive. Alternatively, they can be finished in a distinctive colour, which makes them highly visible and easy to locate on a large site.

Extra security

Portable gatehouse buildings can be designed with anti-vandal features such as steel ridged profiles, steel shutters and reinforced steel doors. These make them resistant to break-ins and help to protect your staff and equipment, an important consideration if you have a lot of high-value goods on site.

An anti-vandal cabin is an ideal choice for housing  security equipment such as CCTV cameras and access control systems, particularly in areas that have high rates of crime.

Quick delivery times

Sometimes, the need for a gatehouse building can arise at short notice if plans have suddenly been changed. A portable building is largely manufactured off-site, and requires only a firm level concrete base to make it ready for installation on site.

This means that a gatehouse can be fully operational within a matter of weeks. A conventional brick building is subject to much lengthier timescales in terms of planning, design, delivery and execution. Traditional construction projects are also frequently delayed by late deliveries, shortage of materials and labour, or bad weather conditions.

The controlled process of prefabricated construction methods means that you can avoid all of these potential difficulties. There is also minimal disruption at the site, meaning that business can operate as usual and there will be no delays or loss of custom during the installation process.

Cost effectiveness

Modular construction is usually a more cost effective option than traditional construction, because it requires less materials and is faster and less labour-intensive.


A portable building has much less embodied carbon than traditional construction, helping your business to achieve its sustainability and net zero targets.

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