What Businesses Could Benefit From Portable Cabins?

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Not every business fits a certain mould, which is why office blocks or industrial units might not be the best choice of space for a lot of companies.

Instead, buying a PVC fabric building could be the ideal solution for some industries. Find out which would benefit most from portable cabins by reading on.

Car showrooms

To showcase as many vehicles as possible, the one thing that car dealers really need from their land is somewhere to park the motors.

Therefore, finding this has to be their priority, while their sales space will be a secondary thought.

Once they have found the ideal land to position all their vehicles, they can then buy or hire a portable cabin to put on the site, from where they can conduct their business.

Here, they can make offers, sign contracts, conduct phone calls or find new vehicles to sell, as all they need is a small office space with heating, power and lighting.

Construction sites

Another industry that can make good use out of temporary cabins is the construction sector.

On big-scale projects, it is a good idea to set up an office where workers can take a break or have their lunch.

Portable cabins also make it easier for managers to conduct meetings or phone calls, look at plans, and sort out problems as they arise.

While management of the projects can take place off-site, having a space where the work is being carried out means those in charge are closer to the action and can respond to issues more quickly and efficiently.

Events companies

Events companies that host different festivals and fairs throughout the year could benefit from having a temporary office space at the different locations.

This could be used for office staff, so they can be on site as well as have somewhere to sit and carry out their administrative and management work.

At the same time, it could be a good idea to have a base where clients or important guests can meet with organisers.

Portable buildings can also be used to provide temporary baby changing facilities, nursing areas, dressing rooms or welfare rooms at large-scale events.


Portacabins are frequently used by schools and other educational establishments, as they provide short-term solutions for classrooms.

They can be used if work is being done to repair or expand the building. Alternatively, if parts of the building need to be evacuated, as they are not deemed safe for students or staff members, they provide a good temporary solution.

They also enable schools to expand to hold more pupils sooner, rather than waiting for the building to be enlarged, which could take several months or years.

Portable cabins also provide breakout rooms for students, so they have somewhere to relax and hang out with their friends when they are not in lessons or lectures.

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