The Use Of Modular Buildings In Educational Settings

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More schools and educational institutions are making use of modular buildings these days, whether they are being used for mobile changing rooms, classrooms, meeting spaces, or recreational zones for students.

Here are some of the many benefits of utilising modular units in educational settings.

Fast to set up

The main reason why more schools, colleges and unis are making the most of modular construction is because they are incredibly easy and quick to set up. This means if parts of the buildings need to be closed off in an emergency, such as needing repairs, it won’t take long to build a temporary replacement.

Alternatively, if the school intake increases, there is a fire on the premises, or threat of asbestos, the head doesn’t have to look for completely new grounds to put the students. They can simply have modular units constructed to make good-quality classrooms at short notice.

As a lot of the work can be made in factories and simply put together on the site, this can occur at the same time as foundations are being put down. Therefore, a lot of time can be saved in the construction process.

What’s more, many delays on construction sites are caused by inclement weather, particularly here in the UK. However, with modular building, as much of it occurs off-site and indoors, it is less affected by rain or snow, meaning work can continue even in bad conditions.

Saves money

Everyone’s budgets are strapped at the moment, not least government-funded institutions, such as schools, colleges and universities. That is why they will look to save money in any way they can.

Modular buildings are significantly cheaper to construct than traditional building methods. Additionally, as they do not take long to set up, labour costs will be lower. Therefore, they are preferable when creating more space on the premises, as they will be considerably less expensive than having to pay for an entirely new building.

Less disruption to the school

No head teacher wants to cause disruption to their students studying by having lots of construction noise going on during the day. That is why modular building is becoming increasingly popular for educational institutions, as they can avoid a lot of the noise, pollution and mess.

This is particularly important as students undertaking exams and assessments will not want to be disturbed. These typically occur towards the end of the year, but can take place all year round, which makes having to avoid making noise during test times extremely difficult for construction workers. By having a lot of the building work occur in a factory, this cuts out some disruption and provides a better learning environment for students.

Less waste

Everyone is becoming much more conscious about reducing their carbon footprint, including education establishments. By opting for modular buildings, they can cut down on their waste.

This is also a good example to set for pupils, many of whom will have very strong beliefs about supporting a zero-carbon future.

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