Maximising Space: Creative Ways to Use Portable Buildings in the UK

Premium portable buildings are widely used throughout the educational and healthcare sectors to provide extra space. They are a practical alternative to a permanent structure, and can be provided at a fraction of the cost and in a far shorter timeframe. Usually no planning permission is required, making the set up even quicker.

Without the need for a lengthy building process, modular buildings are more sustainable and less disruptive than a conventional bricks and mortar solution. They also have many uses beyond the popular ones such as marketing suites and classrooms. Here are just a few examples of how the convenience of modular buildings can be put to good use.

Pop up shops

A modular cabin is a flexible and affordable alternative to buying or renting a bricks and mortar store, especially for start ups or seasonal businesses. They are easy to style in an eye-catching way that will draw in the customers, and can be quickly adapted, relocated, or expanded as your requirements evolve.

In this day and age when customers do the majority of their shopping online, a portable building is an excellent way to maintain a physical presence and have a human face for your brand without the expense and hassle of running a more permanent premises.

Food outlets

Catering is often a seasonal business, or tied to major events such as sport or music festivals. If you need to take your food outlet to where the customers are rather than wait for them to come to you, then a portable building is the ideal solution.

They are spacious enough to allow you to do your cooking on site and to provide a customer seating area, and can be extended if necessary. It is also possible to add on a canopy and decking to provide outdoor dining space.

Modular buildings are versatile and can be adapted to a range of catering purposes, from a beachside cafe to a festival bar, a trendy artisan sandwich hut to a traditional greasy spoon diner.

Art and Craft studios

Artists and craftspeople often need a place to display and sell their work, but gallery space can be very expensive and artists’ budgets are generally modest. A modular building can be a great low-cost multipurpose solution for those looking for exhibition space and a studio to work in.

Festival yoga workshops

The UK festival scene is now about far more than just the music, but more a celebration of different lifestyles. There are any number of side shows on offer, including workshops for exercise, meditation, or a combination of both such as yoga classes. A modular building provides an ideal drop-in space for those wanting to have a stretch and chill out.

Portable buildings are ideal for a myriad of other uses at festivals, including press and green room areas for performers, broadcasters, and journalists; security hubs; and medical stations for the treatment of minor ailments or as a place where a person can be temporarily cared for while paramedics arrive.

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