The Advantages of Modular Buildings for UK Schools and Educational Institutions

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The demand for educational buildings continues to grow every year, yet smaller budgets mean that many schools and colleges have been left short of classroom space. One of the most popular solutions to this problem is to install premium quality modular buildings. Here’s a look at the advantages of modular buildings over traditional construction methods.

Installation speed 

The manufacturing of modular buildings takes place off-site, so the construction time is significantly reduced. Once the groundworks are completed, the modular classroom can be ready to use within six weeks of delivery. This allows schools and colleges to install extra buildings over the course of the summer break, with minimal disruption to staff and students.


Modular buildings can be much more easily adapted to different purposes than traditional buildings. They can be quickly refurbished, relocated or expanded as educational needs change, making them a good long term investment.

As well as classrooms, the buildings can be used for administration offices, canteens, staff rooms, store rooms, music and drama studios, and much more. This gives the school an opportunity to rethink the use of existing buildings and make more effective use of space. Ultimately this creates a better learning environment for students and staff.

Modular buildings are also an ideal way to combine indoor and outdoor space. For example, they can be constructed with wide doors that open onto a decking area, and canopies can be installed or added at a later date. This gives students easy access to nature and fresh air, which can contribute to a more positive classroom experience.

Canopies and wide doors also make the building more adaptable for sports facilities and performing arts, as events can be held across both indoor and outdoor space.


Traditional construction methods are energy intensive and create a high carbon footprint. Modular buildings are mostly constructed in a factory setting, which reduces the resources, energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste associated with on-site construction methods.

Energy efficiency

Premium quality modular buildings are manufactured to high standards of thermal insulation, meaning that they can reduce heating bills by up to a third. They are designed to be well ventilated spaces with good air quality, contributing to a healthier environment and reducing the spread of airborne viruses.

Modern methods of manufacture mean that modular buildings are much more aesthetically pleasing than the unsightly portable cabins that were often used by educational institutions in the past.

Cost effectiveness

A modular building can provide all the functionality of a permanent building at a fraction of the cost. According to Schools Week, almost all schools in the UK are facing budget cuts at a time when costs are rising steeply. This will lead to staffing shortages and increased class sizes, with less money available for building repairs and expansions.

Therefore installing extra modular classrooms that are affordable, low-maintenance and energy efficient is a workable solution to the issues that many education leaders face.

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