What style of portable building would best suit my business?

which portable building

Portable Buildings are versatile, adaptable for a range of uses and are increasingly available in a range of new designs.

So, which portable building would be best for you and your business?

Many sectors and businesses are often short on space, never more so than during the pandemic. Portable buildings have always been a popular choice when needing to add space to premises.

Do you need more office space?

Requiring more office space, or an office within a warehouse is a popular use of portable cabins. As businesses grow so do their staff and admin. Read one of our office solutions client case studies here.

Do you need a customer facing meeting place?

Having a branded customer facing suite available to meet potential clients can really made a big difference to first appearance. Our premium Marketing Suites are an ideal solution. With French doors and portrait windows they look great from the outside, and luxury internal facilities make a comfortable setting within. Read one of our most recent client case studies here.

Do you need a new classroom(s)?

Schools are often short on space for students. Rather than having noise disruption and potential safeguarding issues on site with construction options, why not hire or buy a portable building that will be built off site and delivered whilst not students are on site at the school? Read more here.

Do you need a changing area?

Portable buildings are perfect for changing rooms and can be lifted onto most locations with ease so long as there are hard surfaces for the truck and crane. Read more here.

Do you need biosecurity control points?

Portable Cabins are a familiar sight within agricultural settings. Because farmland is so diverse in both size and age, some small holds require additional space or updated facilities to accommodate newer farming practices. A common use is for Biosecurity, having an assigned building to decontaminate yourself before entering livestock areas, read one of our client case studies here.

Do you need rest place or truck stop facilities?

Portable cabins and modular buildings are a perfect solution to create additional facilities for drivers who require space to sleep, clean and relax. Changing, sleeping, washing facilities, laundrettes – all of this can be homed within a portable building quickly and efficiently. Read more here.

Do you require additional security on a temporary building?

Cabinlocator also have a range of elite and robust secure portable units which provide complete peace of mind that your goods will remain safe and secure whilst the site is unmanned. Popular on construction sites or remote areas. Read more about our range here.

The above is only a small selection of some popular uses for portable buildings, if you are considering a portable building to provide you more space, give our friendly team a call on 01757 282319 to discuss your requirements.

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