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Typical Interior Portable Marketing Suite

Portable Cabins historically have not been considered the most glamourous of commodities.

Why so modest? Dressed in grey and hidden out the way…

At Cabinlocator we say no more!

Over the past few years, we have worked to change the face of portable buildings and given them a well-deserved make-over.

Enter (drum roll please) the portable Marketing Suite.

How do Marketing Suites differ to classic portable buildings?

At Cabinlocator we manufacture both classic portable buildings as well as our premium Marketing Suites. They both have demand in the diverse modular and portable building market.

A client may require a small meeting room, or office that is used by staff as a practical space. In which case a classic portable building is ideal.

However, if a client requires a portable building that is front of house, represents their brand, is a customers first opinion of their business, a premium Marketing Suite would be a better choice.

Both classic and premium portable buildings are available with a multitude of add-ons and facilities, such as bathroom, storage, and kitchen areas. But the finishings can be upgraded for premium buildings.

Our premium Marketing Suites are also built with portrait windows and French doors, which offer a stylish aesthetic and showcase the internal features.

As well as a stylish construction, it is also more eco-friendly option. Because our portable buildings are built at our manufacturing facilities and delivered to your site it saves on a lot of external pollutions such as noise, travel carbon footprint and raw material waste.

Stylish and sustainable – what more could you want!?

If you are interested in a Premium Marketing Suite, our range is available to view here

Or read one of our client case studies here

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