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Infant School Classroom Buildings For Sale

Primary education, that is Infant and Junior school classrooms are where youngsters spend 80% of their time whilst at school. With the exception of playtime, lunchtime and assemblies.

This means their classroom space must meet their needs, not only physically but mentally too.

If you are considering expanding your facilities, Modular and Portable buildings are a perfect solution. At Cabinlocator we work closely with clients to design classroom settings that meet the requirements of both students and staff. You are likely already aware of how much of a positive difference a good classroom aesthetic makes to students’ general mood. Edu-quip report that it has also been shown to help boost children’s learning and outcomes*.

We recently worked with a client who required more space for their key stage 1, four- to five-year-old students. In accordance with the Department of Education four- to five-year-olds require 2.3m2 of space each within a classroom, and the teacher to student ratio is currently 1:15.

When meeting with clients we want to gain an understanding of not only what the school technically require, but what they would like too; and that’s where our bespoke service shines! With our designers, you can see real-time rendered visuals to scale that show how your classroom could look on both the inside and out.

You require:

·         Room for 30 students and two teaching staff

·         Toilet facilities

·         Heating, regulation to stay between 16-18oc

You would like:

·         Lots of natural light

·         Blinds on windows

·         Mixture of carpet and vinyl flooring areas

·         Stationery cupboard with locks

·         Pegs near the entrance for coats

·         Space for all different activities

·         PIR (passive infra-red) sensor lights in low traffic areas

·         Good ventilation

With this list of requirements and ‘would likes’ our team got to work creating a classrooms layout that teachers and students would enjoy working in.

Our design sits within a 32ft x 50ft modular building, providing the space m2 space a class of 30 students require.

·         Entrance to classroom with area to hang coats.

·         Toilet facilities with passive infra-red sensor lights to save energy

·         Disabled/teacher toilet facility

·         Stationery cupboard with lock to keep stationery and crafts

·         Plenty of windows so the classroom has lots of natural light

·         Heating supply to keep a consistent and warm environment

·         Ventilation – high-level fan & low-level internal ventilation which creates a constant mechanical aeration

·         Carpeted classroom and library area to create a comfortable environment

·         Vinyl floored crafts and play area which is easy to clean

·         Vinyl clad walls – great for creative displays, easy to clean and hygienic

·         Outdoor lighting for winter evenings and early breakfast club students



Department of Educations: Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage


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