Light and Bright Classrooms for Secondary Students

Portable and Modular buildings are popular within school settings, particularly Modular with its ability to expand a schools’ facilities in the short term.

Although Modular Buildings are usually brought in to fix a temporary space solution, they are built to last, especially Cabinlocator’s buildings which are all made to a high structural standard.

You can trust that one of our Modular buildings will be developed with our customer and those who use the buildings top of mind.

At Cabinlocator our design team will take your requirements and create a space that considers your every need. Our team are happy to meet you at your site, or you are welcome to Cabinlocator HQ where we can develop the design in real-time with our modern software.

When discussing what would make the perfect classroom/working space for students with a group of secondary school teachers, the most popular answers where natural light and good ventilation.

The benefits of natural light and fresh air in connection with improved concentration are well known.

High levels of oxygen keep us more awake, and natural light positively impacts our general health. It also increases serotonin levels, which are responsible for boosting our mood, energy and helps us stay focused according to*. All important aspects when it comes to learning! Additionally, natural light is particularly important when it comes to developing healthy eyesight in children. That’s because a lack of sunlight can disrupt the production of dopamine, which helps children’s eyes develop properly.

Modular buildings can offer a lot of natural light, with large windows. We can also fit windows with blinds, so the low Winter sun won’t disrupt afternoon classes.

Ventilation is easily implemented to Modular buildings and can be built to create an air funnel that continually passes throughout the building. Good ventilation is also an important factor in the battle against the ever-changing face of Covid19.

When thinking of other design aspects for a classroom, we can offer a light-coloured vinyl flooring which reflect even more light and is easy to clean. Same with walls, the use of our vinyl faced walls will make things much easier and hygienic for staff and students.

Other classroom friendly features available in our modular buildings is lots of electricity sockets – everywhere! And PIR (passive infra-red) sensor lights in low traffic areas that switch off when the room is empty will help save on ever growing utility costs.

It isn’t only internal features of a Modular built classrooms that have benefits either, our group of teachers agreed that when students have new facilities, they are a lot more considerate, and less vandalism is reported. Gone are the days when Portable and Modular buildings are eyesores. With timber or dual coloured cladding options you can create an aesthetically pleasing building that represents your school either in its colours or in keeping with its surroundings.

If you can think of more to add to your classroom wish list, why not get in touch with a member of our friendly team and discuss your requirements? We have a range of classic designs that are proven to work well for schools, or we can adapt them to your needs. Call us on 01757 282319 or chat to us live at for more information or a no obligation quotation.


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