2021 review and what’s new for 2022

2021 was another interesting year for the team at Cabinlocator HQ.

The pandemic seems to have meshed the past few years into one long period of time.

At Cabinlocator we have worked throughout the pandemic and are lucky to be a business that has strived; working hard to create the additional space other businesses require to work safely.

2021 was another busy year, we moved site, started manufacturing our own builds and welcomed new team members!

With the ever-changing face of Covid19, who knows what 2022 will bring, but from Cabinlocator you can anticipate lots of exciting updates as well as highlights on key areas of the industries we work with, and our capabilities that bring innovation and concepts to life.

Director, James Pindard shared his thoughts on 2021 and his aspirations for 2022.

“2021 was a combinations of highs and low, mainly highs!

We began manufacturing our own builds, at our new site, with a new, bigger team. It’s been a huge learning curve in production that has met multiple challenges, but it’s been amazing to see.

The team we have are brilliant, it’s great to work with a group of dynamic and creative people! Seeing new designs drawn on paper and then seeing that idea being built and rolled out of our factory is a feeling similar to seeing your children grow.

Everything has evolved this year, the team, and processes now in place are being fine-tuned and our ship is steering in the right direction. Now a new year has begun I’m excited to see what destinations we’ll meet”.

As a business we have also set new Mission, Vision and Value statements for 2022 that we would like to share. We have created these so that our employees, customers, and the wider community know what they can expect when they work with Cabinlocator Ltd. We aim to inspire, encourage, and energise everyone we work with our Vision to become a top-class producer, employer, and cog in our local community.

Our Mission

Our mission at Cabinlocator Ltd is to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of portable and modular buildings, whilst keeping the core values we cherish as a family-run business. We seek to be experts and innovators in our field who provide a quality, efficient and friendly service from first enquiry to delivery and installation.

Our Vision

To be a market leader known for their quality and innovation in the manufacture of modular and portable buildings, whilst providing a steadfast customer service experience and keeping a friendly culture.

Our Values

  • We produce quality products
  • We lead in design and innovation within our field
  • We are proud of the service we provide
  • We cherish the way we work as a team and the friendly and open culture we’ve created

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