Timber! How Cabinlocator are supporting global forest management

With the eyes of the world currently on COP26, the global timber industry is collectively hosting a ‘World of Wood Festival’ from 25 October to 3 December 2021.

At Cabinlocator Ltd our portable cabins are built with over 60% timber. It is important to us and our customers that we are responsible and ethical in our management of all timber materials we bring on site.

Timber has been a popular choice of building material for centuries because it is versatile, very strong, is a natural thermal insulator, doesn’t corrode and despite being wood, it holds up well in fire by charing instead of burning.

The World of Wood, Time for Timber Manifesto states that:

“The construction and built environment sector is responsible for approximately 40% of global energy related to CO2 emissions. A significant percentage of this comes from the extraction, processing and energyintensive manufacturing of building products.

To achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, construction must rapidly decarbonise whilst still meeting the needs of a growing urban population, the increasing demand for new buildings and the urgent requirement to renovate existing buildings.

Wood is the only sustainable structural material that grows worldwide which can enable a substantial decarbonisation of the built environment based on existing business models and proven technology; providing vast carbon sinks in our rural areas and carbon stores in our cities”.

The manifesto continues to explain how increased use of timber is a positive way to reduce emissions. This is because timber is the only building material we can grow, which reduces carbon dioxide. Every tonne of timber expunges 1.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere*

At Cabinlocator the team work hard to maintain a responsible footprint. The modular buildings and portable cabins built onsite are made to last, and we also offer buy back and refurbishment services to help sustain the life cycle of our timber products.

The World of Wood, Time for Timber Manifesto concludes:

“In conclusion, wood must be adopted more widely in the global built environment. The potential climate impacts of using more wood and woodbased materials are immense: they offer solutions based on existing business models and proven technology which simultaneously store carbon and substitute fossil resources and thus can diminish the CO2 emissions caused by the global building stock”.

Read more and support global timber and global forests by supporting the World of Wood Festival!


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World of Wood Festival – Averting Climate Change – Governance for Growth

Time for Timber


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