Social Distancing Temporary Office Cabin Solution

Anti Vandal Site Cabin Site Hut Building

When the COVID-19 lockdown came into force, we as a company needed to come up with a solution for our own office staff to social distance as we aren’t able to work from home in our business. We didn’t need to look far as portable cabins were the ideal temporary solution.

It was a simple thing to do and worked very well for us. We separated our larger office into two smaller cabins which gave us the space we needed to comply with the 2 metre distancing rule. We moved in new desks and we were away, the guys had their own bubble to work within and we could still operate effectively and keep the doors open for business!

Other options we can supply are portable toilet blocks and canteen cabins with a kitchen fitted to give your employees more space to be able to carry on their day to day operations but feel they have the space to feel safe.

Contact us on 01757 282319 for more information on how we can help.

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